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When you're looking for a special chandelier it can be quite a challenge. You're likely to be searching for something individual, possibly even unique but centainly a little bit special. It's tough to find anywhere with a great selection on display with helpful experts with a passion who are on hand to help you make your choice. That's the opportunity and the challenge that we strive to fulfill.

In 2005 we started what is now known as "Lightcouture" with the statement "serving the brilliant". The idea was simple; let's open the largest chandelier showroom in Europe and try to give clients the choice and advice they need. Fortunately this has worked and clients now use our web site and often our showroom from all around the globe.

On the back of this success we have been able to become the only partner and stockist of all the world's leading brands. In recent years we've increasingly been visiting clients on every continent. With a  approachable and knowledgeable team we would love to help.


NAME: Gisa Narracott
JOB: Director & Shareholder
STRENGTH: Sales & Designing
WEAKNESS: Can't stop
LOVES: Travelling to exotic places
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
NAME: Henrike Jaensch
JOB: Sales & Order Processing
STRENGTH: structure!
WEAKNESS: chocolate, good food
LOVES: interior design stores, small cafés + time with friends
NAME: Carl Mallory
JOB: UK Representative
PAST: Magazine owner publisher
STRENGTH: Marketing and manufacturers
WEAKNESS: Fine wine
LOVES: Sailing, time with the family
All things are possible

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